Inspired by hard line anti immigrant leaders like Orban in

The trick, as a leader, is to make certain your confidence doesn’t slip into arrogance and cockiness. Confidence is about passion and belief in your ability to make things happen, but when your confidence loses touch with reality, you begin to think you can do things you can’t and have done things you haven’t. Suddenly it’s all about you.

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The American attention adds to pressure on Merkel from within the EU. Inspired by hard line anti immigrant leaders like Orban in Hungary, who explicitly stokes fears of an “Islamization” of the continent and who spoke with Trump just before his jabs at Merkel this week, right wing movements are telling Europeans that Merkel is the embodiment of elite failure. They say she has fundamentally betrayed her people and her culture though, of course, they reject comparisons to the nativist “clash of civilizations” style thinking that has fueled violence in Europe for centuries..

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The Director of the Ayrton Senna Movie documentary is Asif Kapadia (known for The Warrior and Far North). He has taken the movie to a new level and is showing us a true documentary of Senna’s life. This is quite refreshing compared to replica celine the Hollywood half truths one seems to be getting nowadays.

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