In fact, according to the renowned survey Sex in America,

Why Women Are Not Married

Canada Goose Parka What our Culture says? Canada Goose Parka

Is canada goose sale uk it possible for a single woman in her fifties with a happy and contented life? Not if we listen to what the cultural messages say. We are living in a culture that tells us that finding a partner, preferably soul mate, is necessary for our happiness. The culture tells us that only in an intimate relationship with that somebody, we can find emotional satisfaction, sexual fulfillment, companionship and security. The older single woman is often seen as an isolated loner, an unhappy over committed worker, or a neurotic loser who fails at relationships many times. The idea that we need to couple or get married to be happy canada goose jacket outlet uk has spawned a multimillion dollar industry of online dating, personal ads and matchmaking service. By their forties and fifties, these never married and divorced women had good jobs, homes, a strong network of family and friends. They are actively involved in their neighborhoods, churches, voluntary organizations, or political organizations. They discard the cultural norm and come to appreciate the life they had created. They believe creating a satisfying single life is like building a good marriage; it is a process of development, self discovery and work.

Many single women today are willing to engage in sex without romantic expectations of intimate relationship and long term commitment. However, this does not mean they are casual about sex or interested in one night stands. They pursue sex without the illusion that they had found a soul mate. They still seek the relationship that involved sharing interests, activities and friendship. In fact, according to the renowned survey Sex in America, single people “have more partners, but they have less sex.” Since canada goose clothing uk mid of twentieth century, sexual revolution has begun with a more positive attitude towards sex for young single women, a shift that alters many people’s views about sex and mature single women.

canadian goose jacket To lead a satisfying life, she built six pillars of support for herself : canadian goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale 1. She has a home that nurtures her, whether she lives by herself or with other people canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket 2. She possesses a satisfying job that canada goose uk provides her with economic autonomy buy canada goose jacket

3. She is satisfied with her sexuality and find outlet for their sensuality.

uk canada goose 4. She enjoys some connection to the next generation, which can take in many forms of relationships her own children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, stepchildren and younger volunteer work with the young. uk canada goose

5. She finds intimacy within a network of friends and family, who provides companionship and shoulders to rely on in times of trouble.

canada goose uk shop 6. She is not alone, but creates and maintains a contemporary community through her friendship network, made through diverse organizational settings such as workplace, school, college, work, church and politics. canada goose uk shop

canada goose coats About WomenWhy Don’t Women Talk About Sex As Much As Men? canada goose coats

Many women don’t talk about sex to other women. They talk to women about relationships, but if they talk about sex at all, it will only be to a sexual partner. Why don’t women like to talk about sex as much as men? Their reluctance stems from multiplHow to Stop Giving More Than You Get In Love or Rela.

cheap canada goose uk Have you ever felt that you give more than you get in a relationship? Have you ever secretly wished that you could be loved by a man as much as you love him? It is painful, isn’t it, for giving so much more in canada goose outlet ontario love than you are given back; for trying6 Major Mistakes Women Make With Men cheap canada goose uk

Have you ever wondered what are the mistakes you make in the way you relate to men but weren’t so canada goose discount uk sure what was wrong canada goose outlet montreal or how to change it? To improve a relationship with a man, whether it is your husband, boyfriend, male friend, colleagues, or fathe

L M Reid

3 years ago from Ireland

Women in the Western World do have a lot more choice these days to stay single. Society and popular culture though does still see us singles as a sorry bunch though. More fool them I love my freedom so will not be giving it up any time soon5 years ago from Philadelphia

I guess, we could also look at this as “different strokes for different folks”, in other words, what works for some female, or what they desire, it not a representation of others! The issue here is that some people have their own philosophy when it comes to marriage and relationship. In other words, some want to, or don’t canada goose outlet seattle want to get married for various personal or circumstantial reasons. There are even some who have gotten frustrated after repeated failures. My mom for example, vowed that she would never get married, canada goose outlet toronto address then she found my dad and she thought that was the best thing that could ever happen to her. Sadly, after cheap canada goose the death of my father, she was only in her early forties, but told herself once again that she was okay with her being single again. However, as she got older, she started to get lonely, and often wished she had someone to grow old with.5 years ago from The City of Generals

Canada Goose Online Great hub. I agree a 100%. The new single woman is what should become of her if she remains “single” all her life, else it would be difficult to see the beauty that lies beyond. It is not easy to be single in the middle years, so it’s in using every wisdom GOD has in store for her that she can portray the beautiful purpose of her singlehood. Im in my 40’s and still single. I may be happy, blessed and contented with what I have, but still there’s a part of me that wishes someone out there could be beside me for love so I’d grow old in love, lol. Canada Goose Online

Thank you, Ingenira. I was in all smiles reading. Blessings! :=)Tonette5 years ago from United States.

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