Do everything we can to help the families affected by this

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I also saw a woman take out a new loan for the medical care of her son who had injured an arm or leg. There was a question about whether they should have a separate medical fund that can be use specifically for just for those type of expenses, which some other self help groups apparently have but each group decides its priorities for itself. This group mainly focused on lending..

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An courtyard is the open space in the center of the building, providing sunlight to interior rooms. The building originally had only two apartments per floor, but all but Huguette Clark have since been subdivided. This floorplan for the 12th floor shows the following rooms in the shaded apartment, at lower left: public hall by the twin elevators at the lower right corner of the courtyard, then an entry leading to a long gallery (47 feet by 19 feet), which flows directly into a reception room, then a living room to the left and small conservatory and dining room to the right, four bedrooms on a private hall at the bottom right, and then at top left a pantry, kitchen, servant hall, five servant rooms, service elevator, and stairs to the roof..

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