To create a successful event there should be hard work and teamwork from the committee party, the committee are group of people who in charge of the event from the start until it ends. Everything that is needed depends on the event, yet generally the committee will seek sponsors from all over to support the event and in effect that people will come to the event. Then prepare anything that is needed, thus promoting the event to the public. Another important thing is event t-shirts. How important it is to wear event t-shirts? With the application of event t-shirts it could be identity and space for sponsors, it isn’t odd in general that event t-shirts always including some names of other companies that supported the event.

Like the latest order from Sekolah Alam Indonesia Depok (Nature School of Indonesia, Depok) event and research in Banda Neira Island, Maluku, Indonesia who ordered t-shirt made from Cotton Combed material that fall under premium class material. Cotton Combed is the type of material that usually used in high-quality distros and fashion houses.  Advantages of this clothe material is that made from cotton who’s easily absorb sweat, soft to the touch, turn out the heat, unshrinkable, and absolutely comfortable to wear outside. For the design, our customer wants it to be a long-sleeve navy embellished by logo of Sekolah Alam Indonesia Depok and its sponsors by rubber screen printing method that used rubber as its main composition.

We from TOWA Convection ready to be your partner for your office uniform, exercise uniform, distro’s shirts, community jacket, school jacket with inexpensive and top-quality in Bandung. TOWA has been trusted by big companies for their clothing and garment needs.

Come visit our office at Jl. Pesona Antapani 1 No.17 Bandung, Jawa Barat Indonesia 40282. Also you can call us to (+62) 22 87771999 or (+62) 813-2480-0858.

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